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About us

Olive oil shares an ancient bond with our land, like Mediterranean cuisine; a harmonious link between the fruits of the land and man's labour.
The result of a journey that began with the roots of ancient, hardy plants.
For us, Aida and Mauro, as well, roots are the beginning of everything. They sink into our history and nourish our soul.
Ours is, in fact, a story about going back. We left our home. We went far away not just to work, but simply just to...leave; perhaps to escape, in order to “grow” and broaden our horizons. Every time we came back home, leaving became harder and harder and going back was a natural choice: sometimes you have to go away to really see and understand how wonderful things are right at home.
Mediterrah is a tribute to our origins. We always carried some Oil in our suitcase. We could never do without it: it made us feel at home by filling our eyes with its colour and our hearts with its fragrance. True nourishment for both body and soul. The same Oil that brought us back to our homeland!
Terrah Oil is the fruit of land managed by our family for four generations. Starting with our great-great-grandparents who, in 1910, created the first oil mill in the area, and continuing with Nonno Vito’s farm and us today. Olive trees cared for and kept as if they were our children, with passion and dedication, following tradition but not neglecting innovation.
Through MEDITERRAH, we would like to introduce you to our Land, with its magic, its traditions, its authenticity, its scents and colours. We believe that authenticity and passion should never run out: for us it is precisely this simple philosophy that represents supreme sophistication, and this is what we want to convey with every single drop of our products!