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EVO Oil Glass Bottle 0.10 lt

EVO Oil Glass Bottle 0.10 lt

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Extravirgin Olive Oil. 100% Italian – Cold axtracted oil. 

Cultivar : Cima di Mola

Packaging: Glass Bottle of 100 ml, painted in white shiny color and screen-printed. Ideal for your kitchen table, restaurants and Travel Gift. The painting in shiny white color preserves the product at its best.

Our olive groves: Located just a few meters above sea level, are largely constituded by monumental olive trees.

The production process is the result of attention and meticulous care quasi in each single fase of cultivation of trees, the olive harvest and the pressing of the olives. We give big attention to the quality of the olives which arrive in oil mill just before the olives ripening, to the tight deadlines between harvest and olives processing, with low temperatures up to the end of the process and implementing several adjustments during all fases of the olives processing, in order to ensure the best quality possible.

Extraction method: 2 faces

Filtration: in line

Organoleptic characteristics:

- Medium fruity aroma, mainly green
- Medium bitterness
- Medium spicy
- Balanced

Pair with dishes: Easy to pair, develops its perfumes with any kind of dishes, enriching and making them more tasty. Ideal to accompany traditional dishes as soupes, legumes, grilled meat, fish, and also simple dishes like bruschetta, potatoes or salads. Preservation method: Keep in cool place, away from sunlight.

Preservation method: Keep in cool place, away from sunlight

Nutrizion Declaration:

Average Values in 100 Ml
Energy 3.389KJ/824 Kcal
Fats 91,6 g, Saturated fats 14,03 g
Carbohydrates 0,  Sugars 0
Proteins: 0
Salt: 0